Building Georgia Boy

Check out my latest branded content endeavor with S. Pellegrino

and the innovative Chef Joey Ward.

Building Georgia Boy follows Chef Joey Ward’s pursuit of a dream to open a multi-course, fine dining restaurant that connects with diners in a way that Atlanta has never experienced. This is an origin story, not only of the restaurant and it’s eclectic menu, but of Joey and his journey from humble beginnings to award-winning chef.

The project is a limited, digital series (8-10 minutes per episode) of the test kitchen as well as the ambition and sacrifice it takes to open a restaurant, two in his case... Southern Belle, the cocktail forward restaurant that features food and beverages of the “New South” from local farms and distilleries and Georgia Boy, the secret hideaway, where diners will enter a world of culinary fantasy as they embark on a multi-course tasting menu.

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