Creative Inspirations

I’m a glutton for content. I consume podcasts on the daily, currently have three books on my nightstand, and have a annual membership to Masterclass. Curiosity is something I value in others, because it’s a trait I nurture in myself… All of that to say, I thought I’d share a few inspirations that I’ve absorbed and come back to for further reflection:

  • The Hollywood Roundtable Conversation with Lin-Manuel Miranda, Issa Rae, Donald Glover and Damian Chazelle about the creative process and the price of notoriety.

  • Seth Godin’s Blog, specifically this blog entry about the audience your creativity reaches. Spoiler: It’s titled Almost No One, but his logic is rooted in inspiration.

  • Rick Rubin: I don’t know how or why Rubin came onto my radar, but he’s set the bar for a unique creative voice, but not as the musician, as the influence and curator of the musician’s sound. I’ve often told people I want to be the Rick Rubin of branded content, meaning I want to disrupt the status quo and connect to consumers with an angle that speaks to them and an element of truth. Rubin keeps a low profile, which I respect, but I’m reading Rick Rubin In The Studio and have listened to his interview with Tim Ferris and a podcast on music and meditation with Russell Simmons.

  • How To Become Your Future Self with Dr. Joe Dispenza: Dispenza’s work explores neuroscience, epigenetics, quantum physics and consciousness. He has a scientific angle on mysticism. In other words, he grounds the woo woo. I’m fascinated by energetics, and how we can empower ourselves through implementing our energy field and shifting the patterns of our mind. Here’s a great podcast he did on Goop.

  • Pretty Ugly by Tierra Whack - I heard this on the new Hulu show Shrill. It’s on repeat…

  • Jodie Foster’s Masterclass: Foster is so tapped into her voice and vision as a filmmaker. Watch her for motivation and an inside view on the process from a woman who’s had a compelling evolution in the entertainment industry.

These are my inspirations this month… To being curious and a glutton for learning!