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LAMB is a film that was conceived during the #MeToo movement; a movement ignited by Tarana Burke that shifted our world’s consciousness to empathy. As Brene Brown states in her book Dare To Lead, “Empathy builds courage and can facilitate deep change. “Me Too” says I may not have had the exact same experience as you, but I know this struggle, and you are not alone.”

In 2018 “Me Too” has given women a voice, but in order to instigate lasting change I believe we, as women, have to work together, #WeToo. This hashtag is the mantra for LAMB, a cautionary tale about women sacrificing women that initiates awareness and conversation around female empowerment and support. Let’s change our narrative together… I hope #WeToo surges with momentum in 2019 as a statement of unity, support and empowerment for women.